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Step 1

What is a grievance?

Step 2

Click to download our Statement of Occurrence (for all bargaining units)

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST print out a hard copy, sign it and turn it in to your steward. 

Check your current contract to determine time frame you must stay within for grievance to be filed in a timely manner.

When you fill out the form, you'll presented with the option to email the form to our offices. Email submission of the form does not officially file your form. It simply notifies your director of the existence of your statement of occurrence. It is required that a signed, hard copy be turned in to your steward.


Step 3

After completing, printing, signing and turning in a hard copy of your Statement of Occurrence to your chief/steward, they will proceed with filing this form.

We recommend you keep personal copies of all documents filed.

If you are uncertain who this would be, please call the Union office at 216-635-4340.


Note to Chief Stewards/Stewards:
Access the "Stewards Area" to print out the specific grievance form for your bargaining unit.

This is a password protected directory - call your director for access!