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Communications Apprenticeship & Training (CAT)

Communications Apprenticeship & Training (CAT) is a nonprofit organization formed to provide apprenticeship to journeyman training within the low voltage telecommunications industry. Recognized by the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT) and the Department of Labor, the CAT is committed to provide a trained and highly skilled workforce. The CAT Trust which oversees all training programs is comprised equally by management of member companies and CWA Labor Representatives.

We currently have over forty (40) member companies participating in the program and that number continues to grow as companies seek the competitive advantage of a highly trained workforce. We offer target training to our member companiesas well as nonmember companies and individuals.

We offer training and certification at our BICSI licensed training center for Structured Premise Cabling Systems as well as Fiber Optic Training with ETA certification. Many of the listed courses provide continuing education credits (CEC's).

BICSI ITS 100: Installer, Level I Training
BICSI ITS 200: Installer, Level II Training
BICSI ITS 300: Technician Level Training
BICSI ITS 100: Residential Network Cabling Theory
RES 150: Residential Network Cabling Theory and Hands On
FO-100: Fiber Optic Installation & Testing
Microsoft Windows L1
Microsoft Word L1
Microsoft Excel L1
Various Safety Courses
NET-110: Network+

Our CWA members also have availability of High-Tech training through the CWA/NETT Academy which offers several courses. Each course combines an on-line curriculum with one-on-one mentoring in accredited courses that lead to industry recognized certification. The lab component of the course is done at one of 12 state-of-the-art CWA computer labs CWA has set up throughout the country. CWA 4340 members have access to one of these labs located in the same building with the Union office.

CWA members can sign up for the CWA/NETT course at anytime at their website. For more information, log on to

Any questions or to set up a visitation, please contact the CAT office at 216-635-1313. You can e-mail us at